About Me


Hi, I am Ashok Koyi. I live in Bangalore, India.

This is my home on the internet where I share my learning experiences, experiments & opinions/rants on technology, society & economy. You are welcome to criticize my views/opinions.

I am the Founder CTO & Software Architect at 1Ton Technologies [Website is not yet live]. I program mainly in Java with 16 years of experience with most experience belonging to Server side programming. I take of end-to-end product development & has extensive hands-on experience of building products from group up i.e requirements gathering to production.

In my startup, I had to extend myself onto the frontend aswell where I developed Android mobile app & Angular webapp. However, I need to brush on Angular & Android parts as these skills of mine are a bit rusty now & probably can be recalled easily on demand. As to the serverside bits, they are as good as new as I constantly use them.

I built applications that were both RPC based (reactive & non-reactive) & event driven (with & without a backing messaging layer). I have decent understanding of the overall breadth of product & technology landscape & a reasonable depth in few important areas to ensure my knowledge doesnt become shallow.

I am a jack of many trades covering all aspects of product development end to end — starting from requirement gathering to analysis to System Design (Micro & Macro) to development (UX, Frontend, Backend, DB Design, Messaging, Caching, Search Indexes, Performance Tuning, …) to testing (Unit & Integration) to deployment (Capacity planning, Reverse proxies, Load balancers, Monitoring, Tracing, Log aggregation, …) … & feedback from customers/production driving next round for above cycle.

I have managed multiple teams — Server, UI & QA teams — for a while I was at Philips as Software Architect prior to founding 1Ton Technologies.

I have built products using

I am an open source contributor. Here are some of my contributions.

Open source contributions